Focus on ground or face contact?

The podcast that Jon and Adam did on locus of attention did a great job of outlining this topic. Has anyone experimented with how different subjects of attention alter ball striking and shot dispersion. For example…on days when I’m hitting my driver low on the face, I aim to strike lower on the ball or tee until I’m hitting the sweet spot consistently. With irons i attempt to brush the top of the grass, middle or bottom to control my strike. Has anyone else found this style of focus useful? I’d like to hear what has worked / not worked for others to reliably alter impact.


Specifically with my irons, I change my eye focus. Typically I look at a spot 1/2 inch in front of the ball…maybe a blemish or blade of grass (where I what my club to bottom out). I’ve found on days I’m hitting it heavy…or thin…I can change that focal point for a quick fix. If heavy, I might look further in front of the ball, if thin, maybe look at the front of the ball as a “bottom out” point.

Rarely do I look at the ball as a target…irons or drivers…and putting (whole different thread)…I’m looking at the hole!


With my irons, it’s pretty much what TSmith says; I look just a “bit” in front of the ball. With driver, I’ll “focus” on an inside-rear spot to hopefully encourage a slight in-out swing. Or at least not our-in swing :grimacing:

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