Fitting, is the trending over?

First of all, personally, I believe the golf club fitting has its merit, I really believe that if done properly b y someone knows the golf swing and the golfer could help the golfer to a better game.

The industry had a cyclone effect of fitting craze from about a decade ago, every golf establishment I know ( locally) had tried to jump on the wagon for a ride for another lucrative way of new revenue source.
I believe the proper fitting session will cut short the chasing time if using the old method of trial and error, it will help the golfer especially those with low handicap index who wish to shave off another stroke or two, off their handicap index. However, for the mass of the general golfers, the benefit is minimal if any.

The fitting is not a wonder drug to cure all our issues with the game.
It could definitely make the game more enjoyable, but it will not help a golfer of 18 index turning into a 5 over night.
It gives the false hope of an easy solution to a task requiring dedication and time to get better. Same as all the OEM advertising for their new models of golf clubs releasing quite too often.
For the most part, the fitting process had turned into a marketing tool to sell more expensive equipment.

Do you have any thoughts or experience of golf club fitting?

You’re dead wrong on this. Technology has changed everything from golf ball, shafts, and new materials for clubs. Fittings have changed my golf game immensely and I’m a 15 handicap player who has played golf for over 40 years.

Super, it has worked the wonder for your golf game.
I don’t pretend that one person’s understand should be the final ends all for everyone. This is why I asked if anyone would share their personal experience with fitting.
So where did you get this wonderful fitting for your golf game? When was it? Did it changed your golf game from a 15 index holder to a 5? Makes you enjoy the game a lot more?
we would like to know some details as how you’ve got fitted with the golf equipment; driver only or the whole bag? With or without the putter? Get the golf ball fitted also?
I am aware that there has been a tremendous advancement of golf equipment in the last 2 decades, can not deny the facts.
More interesting is your journey from a 15 index ( as you stated) to whatever you are today through what kind of fitting experience?
Your back ground of other aspects like have you been taking swing lessons during and after the fitting and how often you practiced or played golf?
In short, if you don’t mind sharing, your experience certainly could represent some of the golfers.

I have been fitted in 2015 for Titleist 915 driver. Fit for 2020 Titleist TSi2 driver, 3 wood, and 2 hybrids. I had a PXG fitting 2 years ago for Gen4 0311 irons. I also get 1 lesson a year from the pro i work with at a local course. I also have used Arccos for 2 years and have taken 6 shots off my handicap in the first year. I hope you find this useful in your future endeavors.

Thanks for sharing your fitting experience.
What is your handicap index now since the fitting which helped you tremendously.
You were a 15? And now taking off 6 = 9; a single digit handicap index holder?
Just how often do you practice and play? At you were first fitted in 2015, how long have you been playing this game?

Look at my first response, last line as to how long I’ve been playing. And goodbye, your boring me

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For someone who had been playing golf for a short period of time. You are just unbelievable. Already telling everyone else that you know more than you should.
Or maybe you are one of those born genius. Have fun getting all the new equipment and the “fitting” . If you don’t know by the 5th or the 6th year of your journey with golf then, you’ll probably never going to know. But that is no harm.
Enjoy the game and keep buying and getting fit, cause you’re probably also know the fitting is not just once and done forever.

Hmmm… when I first started playing I was given a set of Spalding Executives…the whole set. Played with them for about a year and a half. I really liked playing so I bought a set of Spalding Bird on Ball Tour Edition Blades and starting taking lessons. I played with these clubs for 6 years. My pro did a fitting with LEAD TAPE…LOL. I learned how to manipulate and bend the clubs to fit me! I went from a 30+ cap to (at my best) a 2.5 cap. I also worked on the range and beat balls until my hands blistered every single day rain or shine. After those clubs, I had a family, gave up aspirations of becoming a PGA Class A Pro and went to work and bought a set of Spalding Tour Edition RedLines. I still use those irons… I have reshafted them and regripped them several times and they work for me. I am currently carrying an 8 cap, but I foresee that dropping 1 , maybe 2 this year with the work I put in last year and this year. I am still a bit old school, but I do use an APP on my device that took the place of my notes.If you don’t devote yourself to Arccos, the numbers mean “oooGotz!” In order for the numbers to actually have any meaning you gotta work. Wanna get fitted for clubs, great! Ain’t gonna do “oooGotz”, unless you put in the work. I counted, and this is an approximation, but pretty close… I have gained 15mph ball speed, 25 yards and have pretty much taken left out of play. So, just driver alone, I hit 27000 balls, 180,000 swings, 100000 measurements for swing speed… and tracked 400+ 1 hour practice sessions including speed training and stretching. All to gain 25 yards, because I wanted to. I have played this game now also for 40 years, 36 of them fairly seriously about MY game… new clubs, new grips, new shafts, game tracking programs… are all crap unless you put in the work… I hope no one is offended by that, but anyone who tells me they have permanently shaved strokes off their game because of new clubs… you are the kinda guy I’m looking to meet on the first tee and I hope you have deep pockets! Me and my partner hooked up with one such person last year… I teed off into the woods, my partner topped his tee ball… On the second hole the guy says he wants to play for $100 a hole and I said OK, he says, yea but we already teed off… I said I’ll spot you the $100 for hole 1. I was joking with him… by the time we got to #14… I said you’re down $800 wanna press? He looked a little panicked. I said no worries, just breaking your stones. That Stealth Driver just let him hit his drives further offline…LOL

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Darn, you hit lots of range balls. BTW, the Spalding bird on the ball iron set is a great set of irons with tiny sweet spot. One of the premier set of irons in its time.
I could never practice nor golf as much as you did. First was the 9-5 job and then later came marriage and family. My youngest one will be out of grad school this year and hopefully I’ll get to golf a little more with my wife.
Your observation and verdict on the trend for fitting is spot on!
I had always agreed on the technology could shorten the search but not the journey itself. I was one of the first to get the metal driver back when Taylor Made Pittsburg Persimmon came out, not so much for ball advancement but really was for the ease of maintenance ( wiping it clean after each round was about all we did ) comparing to the annual fixing and dipping of persimmon woods. Also encouraged my friends to get the first generation of the inverted cone design of the Taylor Made driver. Can’t remember the exact size but a sub 400 c.c. head (395 c.c.?) was already huge back then.
instead of getting new set of golf clubs every few year ( or every season like one of the guys ), I tend to try out the new golf balls if I see something new that I like ( cost less than a new driver).

So many of the new golfers these days ( young and old) believe that they could buy the technology then become a better golfer over night. We joked and call the symptom as “honeymoon time” with the new golf club. After a few days to a few months, the golfer will return to the same old game after the shinning on the newly fitted golf clubs wore off.
They had forgotten, it’s the hands that swing the golf club dictate how the golf ball will perform.
I love this game because it is an honest game. No matter what one was told or promised, it’ll all come out on the golf course.
I hope you’d enjoyed taking the bet from that stranger because he was probably loaded with cash trying to part with it.

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That practice has been over 19 months in the last year. I devoted 1 hour minimum every day in the winter and 1-3 hours every day in the spring/summer/fall. Just beating balls into a net and 1 day every 3rd week with a large bucket at the range, plus playing 27 holes a week when possible. And I didn’t completely figure it out until you convinced me where my right elbow had to go on the downswing. At 64 years old it still takes work. You cannot get better at this game without work. A couple days speed training, a couple days just dry swinging, etc. I can’t do anything without putting in the work. Without work you might hit 15 shots out of a 100 the way you draw it up. With the work, I can get 65 shots out of a hundred the way I draw it up. That’s the only way you can get better. Mr Hogan always said Dig it up from the dirt. I love practice, I like practice better than playing, I find it quite removed from work and life’s challenges. I go after my goal with single mindedness. Everyone is different at this game and a different skill set. That said, no one gets better at this game without the work. There is no way to get better without work and without getting solid instruction. Even if you’re Larry Nelson who read Mr Hogan’s book and built his game around that. As far as Drivers went, I started with a Spalding 1 Wood made from maple, then i graduated to Cleveland Persimmon. Then 8.5 degree TM Burner, Then a 300cc Tommy Armour, then a TM SLDR, then I bought an Adams 9064LS And I also bought a 9088. I tried all the new stuff and it PING 425 gave me 9 more yards. So was the 9 more yards worth $600. Nah, I went to work for free. To me that’s the deal. My irons are 35 years old, I hit them as straight as I ever did, just maybe lost 8-10 yards, BUT we’re gonna see if I gained back any yardage from all the work I put in. Time to reap what I have sowed.

Try a lighter weight shaft in the irons, not more flexible but at least 10-15 grams lighter. I went from 120-130 gm TTDG to 108-115 gm, of Apex 4 and light weight steel in Adams golf ( 115 gm ), made a big difference, almost got all of the lost yardage back. People don’ t understand that the total static weight of a golf club might be more importance than the frequency ( flex) of the shaft. I have graphite shafts waiting for me, perhaps in another few years… Tried my wife’s iron with graphite shaft ( R flex, 100gm. ) I could smoke those longer than when I was 20 years younger with a steel shaft but, only the mid irons. The short irons and anything longer than 5 iron do not have the “feel” than the steel shaft.
One of the guys went and got fitted and bought a $4,500 worth of new bag full of golf clubs. His game seems to be improved, but not head turning change. He has the money and no kids so whatever makes him happy.
Funny thing is, a majority of these guys know that they can not buy the game, either done it several times or are smart enough and learned through the research. But some of them still get the new toys often. It is, really, whatever makes people happy. we wouldn’t take the money with us when we leave here, and if they don’t have kids to leave their saving to, why not? Money is no good if not being put to use.

I’ll jog your memory. I’m on my 4th iteration of shaft in my irons. For now I’m hoping the last at age 64. I put in TTDGX100s and that is the best move I ever made. For me! I only use 8,7,6,5 irons. I also use Cleveland Black Pearl CG12…60, 54, 50, 46. I carry an Adams LS 9064 8.5 Driver with a Harrison SAGA 46 inch shaft and my Driver weighs 10oz and is a D0 Swing Weight. All else is set at D2 now. Bag rounds out with an SLDR 3W set at 14*, an Adams 18* Boxer Utility, and finally a 22* Cleveland 7W. I do have clubs, I will sub out here and there depending on where I play. The putter is back to my trusty PING Anser from 1974 that I won a few amateur events with. I matched that bag up to me, for me. My partners have newer sets, one guy just traded out his Callaway Maveriks. He can’t hit them. So he’s back to the drawing board and is, at my suggestion, in process with sub70s. And you go to a mat, with monitors and hittem str8. Get to the course and one bad swing. Doubt creeps in again and he won’t hit them like he was. Not because the fitting wasn’t correct, it was…. The clubs are new… that swing has not improved. Sorry you don’t put in the work, I don’t care if u are using Tiger Woods actual irons it’s gonna be the same results.the golf ball doesn’t know anything, Golf ball doesn’t care what hits it, it reacts to SS, LA, SP etc. Although your golf ball will react to your SS and the correct compression today makes a lot of difference. All my clubs are slightly manipulated by me for me…so they are custom fitted, my wedges are touch ground by me for me and then where the lead tape is placed,told you…old school. You are correct there is no magic bean for buying a solid game, and even then, ure game can be off. The problem with mid cap players is watching TV and that started in the 60s. Weekend Warriors can have an occasional great shot, great 9, great 18 etc. They don’t know how to manage the information they are receiving, have no clue what to do with it and consequently go back to sucking. Good golf and playing good golf is not what 90% of players think it is, because they keep thinking about the wrong stuff…just sayin…I can take a mid cap player and get them to single digits, just by thinking clearer on course!

What kind of animal are you? At the age of 64 swinging the TTDG X100? I had it maybe 30 some years ago. I think one of the guy’s oldest son is using that shaft and he used to be on the school golf team. I still like to think
The Adams Speedline Tech 8.5 still finds its way to my golf bag often, that beast is not taking a back seat to any of the modern drivers, I had built 5 shafts to go in it for different occasion on rotation of changed weather condition and the golf course. I seldom sell or trade-in my old golf clubs, because these are not impulse purchase, so I’d like to keep them.
Between the hands which swings the golf clubs and the golf clubs itself, the hands that swings the golf clubs are in the driver seat to dictate the performance.
The technology advancement in the last 2 decades posted leaps and jumps from the historical curve. From the help of the collection and computation with the modern hardware and software. This including the dimple patterns on the surface of the golf ball.
All of these are to aid the golfer to achieve the goal of a better golf game and enjoy it more. Not to take over the hands which swings the golf club.
Industry love the mirage of chasing the perfect game, it sells the golf equipment nd in the last decades trending the fitting craze.

I agree with you, people mixed up the Cause and the Result. But, chasing with equipment to solve their golf issue is much easier than working on the game.

I tried several shafts in my irons only. I tried the S300s again, but just fell in love with X100. The ones I purchased are not TOUR issue, just in case you want to know. TOUR issue are a completely different animal. It is very lite compared to others @ 130gr. Even though my swing speed is slower than what is recommended, this shaft produces lower spin rates, a better penetrating shot, less vibration at impact and keeps the ball on the target line. You may lose a bit of distance (5-10yds from what I could produce with a different shaft, but I wasn’t looking for massive distance, I was looking for massive accuracy), but I’m not playing long courses anymore. I’m out there @ 5900 to 6300 yd tee boxes. I am hitting my W full out about 110 yd, 7i full out about 160. Obviously, I can and do dial it back. The shaft iterations… clubs came with S300, I then went to S200, then back up to S400, Then 6 years ago I had the x100s put in. Just so you know, I was “TOLD” old men should be hitting a 12* driver. I have an 8.5, a 9.5 and a 10.5. The 8.5 goes for me. I have no problem launching it and my SS is between 94-97mph. Maybe next year…LOL

TTDG X100 is supposed to weight about the same as the S300, both are around 130 gm in raw weight if I remembered it correctly. If you prefer the X100 shaft and like what it produces, then, all is good. The stiffer flex will produce less spin and lower trajectory given under the optimal launch condition.
The only variable here is, again, the golfer. In your case, I’m guessing that you have a fast transition from the top, perhaps also accelerating through the impact. If so, these might be the reasons why you prefer the X100 flex better.
The difference is, of course is that the tour players would muscle a 7 iron to 200 yards if they wish and the normal soul will be around 150’ish.
When I golf with those gifted athletes, they tend to control their iron shots way better than their long sticks. I would say the majority of the time they control from 9 iron up to the 5 iron very well. Anything shorter or longer will have a higher percentage of “where did it go” syndrome.
Something for you to think about, the newer shafts can be lighter with similar frequency in deflection rate. Theoretically, you could find an X100 in the 110-115 gm weight range. Unless you like the heft, but you do not like the S-400?
One does not have to sacrifice distance to gain consistency. It is not that hard to do once one understood the golf swing and it is really not that difficult to see the light.
Trouble for most of us who played this game for a lifetime is, we’ll be too old to swing the golf club proficiently when we finally figured it out.
Same scenario is, someone saved up all his life and finally bought his dream sports car, but scared to use it to the full benefit of the design.
True story, an elderly gentleman walked into a London Ferrari dealership and paid cash for his dream car. Cam back in several weeks to return it because he simply did not enjoy the speed and the lack of visibility sitting way down close to the floor.

One other thing that really rubs my rhubarb the wrong way with fittings is loft. Now, I have manipulated my irons, even though they are cast, to about 1*-2* stronger for each club. Anything more, and you could crack the hosel. Anyhows…The last fitting I went to (just to play with new toys is why I go) was such a sales pitch joke. I love talking 7 irons… My 7 iron loft from 34 years ago is 37* and all my irons are 1/2 inch longer than standard shaft length. So this pro handed me a new TM M2 7iron. Loft was 28.2 degrees (same as my current 5iron), I could hit that not even trying hard 180yds. My PW from my RedLine set (which I do not even use) is 49*, the loft on the M2 PW was 43* same as my RedLine 8 iron that I can hit 140-145yds. So what a joke! Could you imagine how far Arnold could hit a 46 inch Driver today with a 100 compression Urethane ball? I’m sure he’d have to alter his swing a bit but it’d be pretty far! Personally, I don’t see any improved technology in irons than when Hogan made his APEX Edge or PING with the EyE2, or Spalding with the Tour Editions from back in the day. I mean back in the day, Spalding made the Cannon set which was basically a bag full of hybrids. The Metal Woods of the last 15 years or so…YES major improvements there… Balls… scary improvements there. BUT irons… IMO…not so much.

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I am a believer in fitting golf clubs specs to the golfer. To do anything otherwise is foolish.
Does it work in every case … in taking a 25 handicapper to a 5? Rarely because if it did EVERYONE would get fitted. I been playing golf about 50 years. It wasn’t long before I was into repairing and then got into switching shafts to improve my results based on a better fitting shaft. Then along came Ralph Maltby, Tom Wishon, and many others that pushed the idea of custom fitting clubs. My experience and talking with other folks that do club fitting … it often takes a couple of final adjustments to get the best working clubs and fitting can’t accomplish miracles. Also bear in mind there are all sorts of things called ‘fittings’. Change the grip size … could be one small step in fitting. Sadly, some golf sales person asks you to take a few swings … and then they say ‘oh I think a regular shaft would be best for your swing’. Some might call that a fitting. Or you could go to Club Champion, hit a ton of golf balls while switching out shafts … (trial and error fitting). You can have a huge change in efficiency in striking the ball. One friend of mine did the whole nine yards of fitting at Club Champion. what a change in his play. But going from a 25 hcp to an 18 might not seem impressive but it was. To take full advantage … he needs lessons … practice … and then maybe another fitting. About 15 years ago, son-in-law got fitted. The conclusion was that his irons just needed a slightly different shaft. I installed the new shaft and his accuracy went up considerably. he was about a 12 hcp and dropped to an 8. When I do a fitting, we get some beginning numbers on his favorite iron, fairway. Then I build what I will call a prototype for that player. Then we test it out. Generally, make a few more minor adjustments. Once we have a good prototype, finish up the rest of clubs. Clubs shafts are frequency matched, spined, etc.
But I think club fitting has been misused and we will see a falling off even more. With costs of clubs going up, up, up … I think I will be fitted if I am going to be spending $$$. Example, now the new drivers $650+, LA golf has a putter for almost $2000.
Fitting is just a tool to help. Used to be when I fitted more often, I always asked two questions 'what are your goals or expectations? and 'how much time are you going to practice? Then we decided what we need to do in fitting … if we can do something to help reach those goals.