Favorite apparel brands

I’m getting fed up lately with a number of my Under Armor and Nike items being poorly made (seams coming unraveled, snagging easily) and am looking to try a new brand. Willing to pay a little more for quality. Any recommendations?

Polo shirts, quarter zips, pants, shorts, etc. And I’m 57 years old, so not looking for “tapered” pants (skinny jeans) or joggers or hoodies. I got a couple shirts from Foot Joy last year and like them so far.

This may sound odd, but I like the Walter Hagen pants, they fit so much better than the under armor. Im pretty happy so far with Nike and Under Armor polos but always on the look out.

Travis Mathew shorts and polos.Not cheap by any means but the quality is there.

Travis Mathew is a good choice for shorts and shirts, not sure about pants since haven’t tried them. Under Armour I find is hit and miss for quality and sizing. I recently bought Puma pants and so far have been satisfied with them. Tommy Bahama has some clothes suitable for golf if you have a store anywhere near you. Their outlet stores have good deals, often 50% off and more.
I find getting older I no longer have the tapered body that fits the clothing options available in some higher-end brands so Nike, Adidas have to do.

I just ordered some shorts and a polo from Sub 70. I like their wedges, so curious to see about the apparel. Will report back after I get them.

Johnnie-O is very good quality from my experience in all areas. I have some polos, shorts, hoodies and they are all spot on. Consistent sizes and great styling

Lululemon. No kidding. Yes, they make men’s clothes. Their pants are fantastic. Decent polos, but they are cut for someone slimmer. I’m not. Not super sun-blocking as far as the shirts go, but not terrible. Adidas golf polos aren’t bad, especially the climacool stuff.

Still looking for something that I can turn my body and shoulders in, while concealing my paunch, and yet not totally looking like a bag. Lulu is close.

FootJoy is still a good choice for the over 50 crowd (I’ll be 57 this summer) as their Large is still more than large enough for me. I had to go XL for UA, Adidas and some others. Heck I can maybe wear Medium in FJ lol.
I don’t wear them to the office, but I’ve gotten some unique shirts from William Murray, Rhoback, Pins & Aces and others that are of better quality. Some I still need to size up even though I consider myself “average” size. Dunning and Travis Mathew are very good although a bit overpriced IMO unless there is a sale.

For shorts I like Adidas, Travis Mathew and Linksoul.

I have had several issues with my Travis Matthew apparel. Socks which are worn terribly, a shirt which is sun faded after one summer, and a couple of shirts which have stitching unraveled. I am also looking for an alternate apparel supplier who stands behind their product.

I’ll be extremely honest here. I mostly purchase from my Pro-Shop, I don’t really look at brands, I think the last Shirts I purchased were Antigua from him. The caveat for me is I purchase when he does end of season at 1/2 price… Sorry I don’t do the $55 shirt… I’m more like the $20-$22

I am with you. One reason I like Johnnie-O is the quality of the stuff, the other is about twice a year they run a 50% off sale and I buy pretty much everything I can find in my size…LOL

Linksoul, Criquet, Greyson, Peter Millar, Travis Mathew, Lululemon. Just to name a few.