Facebook and eBay scan

Many of you are familiar with the Golf Riding Cart Scan a year or two ago.
This was listing at $1,000 with the MSRP over $6,000.
Today, on the Facebook, there is this scan about the remote control push cart at $105, with free shipping , retails at $1,500. shipping about $90.00
$105 can not buy the Lithium Battery used in this push cart.
The “sponsor” kept changing each time you get on the front page of Facebook, one claimed it was working through Costco and one was a golf trip planning company base in Argentina, some were based from Romania… websites of smaller companies are easier to be used as dummy sites since they could not keep up with the security measures.
If you see this ad, flag it!

Not sure if this was part of the cyber attack from overseas.

I know a kid working for the Facebook so I seek out his advise. He said just flag the post. we done that for several days and finally they tracked down the source and banned the scammer.
Back when we still believe the spine and align will help our game. I know a few component outlet stores will put some high end shafts on sale after they had determined the shafts were out of alignment, second quality according to the results from the process of spine and align. Of course, today’s graphite shafts have better manufacturing process to minimize and eliminate the spine when rolling up the graphite sheets to form the shafts.
If you find extra ordinary “deals”, just remember there is no free lunch. Unless your mother made it for you.