External shoulder flexibility

This is a little hyper specific, but wondering if anyone has addressed their shoulder mobility.

Mine is awful. With my back against the wall and arms 90 degrees, I can barely get my arms to 30 degrees from paralleled to the wall.

I have some workouts and things I’ve started doing. I’m a @Fit_For_Golf subscriber and doing his stuff, but always happy to hear more options.

I was always pretty flexible, but had to deal with it after suffering frozen shoulder. Basic yoga really helps.

I found that it can also be the chest muscles that are too tight and limiting motion. There are stretches to open that up which may help as well.

There is a young guy in IG Joe Yoon “joetherapy” who demonstrates a lot of great stretches for various issues.

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It does sound like the connection from the shoulders to the chest. Here is a stretch I do after every time I hit driver (just to remind me to do it):

Hold your golf club in front of you with one hand gripping each end of the club with an overhand grip.

Lift the club forward and up over your head with your elbows straight.

Slowly stretch your shoulders and move your hands back as far as possible until you feel tension across the front of your shoulders.

Hold for 10 to 20 seconds and release.