Drills for mid irons (5i / 6i)

Title says it. Do you have any drill suggestions for hitting mid irons (5i and 6i)?

I think I’m coming in too steep (like a smaller iron) as I hit the ball into the ground or hit a grounder and often drive the tee into the ground.

I can hit this club, it’s just far from predictable.

Any tips or drills appreciated.

I have a coaching session in a couple weeks which is when I’ll ask to work on my 4 hybrid, but I’d like to work on hitting my 5/6i in the meantime.

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Adam young on hitting down

I think his article is a good starting point of how is not necessarily trying to “trap” the ball, but that your swing arc just happens to be headed down at the point of impact.

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Thanks for that. That all makes sense. I have both of his programs, so it looks like it might be time to go through the Strike Plan again.

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Practice hitting them out of fairway bunkers. I know Adam Young has that drill in his Strike Plan andnthat one if quite good and gives feedback on the strike fully.