DeWiz Wearable Watch

I purchased this a few weeks back. Has anybody else tried/use this?

It’s an expensive purchase. However, I have been working on a slightl “over the top” move for 8 months. Until getting this I would think I was making progress only to find when I had my next lesson I really wasn’t making any. This has helped me on a swing to swing basis to “feel” what is and isn’t over the top.

Can’t wait to work on my wedge game coming up.

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We need details! What a tease!

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Things I like:

  1. I can hit wiffle balls during the winter and get instant feedback on what my swing at transition is doing. I started about 2 inches “over the top” I have worked it down to less than an inch. I used to never have some on the inside or -1 inch. I have this regularly now. I am not course ready, but I have made more improvement between lessons because I’m not practicing the wrong “feels”

  2. I look forward to practicing how long my backswing is on my wedge game. I look forward to matching those up with distances. I have done this a little, but I do expect this to be a game changer.

  3. I can practice without a ball or even a club.

  4. At some point I can look at temp, but that is farther down the line.

There is just alot to like about this.


I like it a lot. Helps me with the same things you are talking about. Distance wedges on random is very helpful.


I have started working on my wedges now. Great tool to dial them in, especially when linked with a launch monitor.

I also can’t rave enough about if you are attempting a swing change how helpful this has been to me. I find that when I warmup with this attached and then go out on the course, I’m in a much better place with my swing. I’m not going by whether it feels like I’m making a good swing. I know that I am.