Determining path using skytrak

Just started using the skytrak. Is there a way to determine your path, inside out or over the top for example from the metrics that the unit measures?

Also, having some difficulty finding an explanation of the different metrics, and how you can improve them. For example, I notice that I have a high side spin number but can’t figure out what to do with my swing to correct it.

Thanks in advance for your help



Unless you are getting some gear effect (which would show up in diminished smash factor with a driver) if the ball is fading, you are out to in and drawing it is in to out… or at least that’s how I understand the ball flight laws…

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Simply, the ball starts where the face is aligned, and curves away from the path. If you have a lot of side spin, your club face is aligned well apart from the path at impact. That won’t tell you how to fix it, try a lesson with a good instructor.


SkyTrak does a great job of measuring the ball at/right after impact … but tells you nothing about your club nor club face…

You could try adding a Zepp2 monitor that’s worn on the glove hand and does a reasonable job of measuring (deriving, really) swing path and displaying it to you on a smartphone app.

But to -fix- a swing problem I agree that a good instructor is the way to go!