Decent sale on last year's Bridgestone Tour Bs

Brief note on one of the myriad of companies who spam you if you sign up for stuff like free TM Stealth giveaways. (And that aren’t attached to a virus payload.)

Anyway, got an ad from, and they are/were having a sale on last year’s Bridgestone Tour B-XS for ~30 a dozen, vs 45 or so. Played around with the Bridgestone ball-fitting app, and it said that’d be good for me.

Shipping was prompt, balls look great. When you swing like i used to, and you start losing your peripheral vision, you go through balls…


Thanks so much! Really good balls on over-run for cheap. Hopefully they don’t come with a Penis Logo or something…LOL

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I couldn’t tell what the problem was. Mine didn’t have any corporate or novelty logo on them. Shrug.

Enjoyed the savings though.

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Arrived today! No logos on the balls either. Arrived as 12 single balls in a box, no sleeves! Can’t wait to hit them! Again, ty for the suggestion!

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Thanks! Glad you like them. Sorry about forgetting to mention the packaging–it is a touch offputting.

Modern golf balls seldom will have out of round issue like the wound balata golf balls. A matter of getting used to the feel off the putter face.
I bought logo overrun premium golf balls for more than 3 decades now. Can’t beat the price and I liked the logo, no need to mark my golf balls.
I was also fitted on the ball-fitting app and the Bridgestone Tour B-XS was also the best fit for my game.
However, from field test a few years back, I know the Tour S-XS is not my preferred Bridgestone golf ball. For some reason, I like the BX the best in summer and RX for the winter golf.
If the weather is cold and damp, then, any of the e-models will suffice.
Ever since the shipping rate had gone up in recent years, I tend to look in the bargain barrel in our local brick and mortar golf store for the over-run golf balls. Can’t save from sales tax buying over the internet anyway.
BTW, how does everyone find the ball-fitting result from the app. ? Accurate or just so-so.

Honestly, the spread in my skill striking the ball, likely swamps any difference in the characteristics of said ball. Beyond, say, not using the Kirkland 3-piece, when i already have problems with negative driver AoA, lower launch, and too much backspin.

(So those got relegated to my short game shag bag—where the difference in feel between them and some Pinnacle Gold distance-oriented balls, is noticeable even to a newb like me. Yeah, the Bridgies will behave differently still, but the purpose of the shag bag is to get me used to the motions of the various finesse swings and chips, and their set-ups. I can always dial in the height, air distance, roll distance deltas in later.)

Haven’t tried the Bridgestones I bought yet. I’m sure they’ll be fine.

I’m no longer an active golfer, maybe 3 dozen times on the links each year now, very few driving range visit except watching my wife and a few friends to critic and help correct their misses.
But I have no issue of one hop or several bounces on the green to stop or backing up the wedge shots on a solid green to. So, the golf balls meant very little to me, it does not boost my confidence when I use a premium brand or a golf ball that had seen the golf course a few times.
For what I notice are, the distance off the tee shot. The performance off a mid-iron, and most of all the trajectory under normal condition. If a golf ball stops quicker, or slower; I’d adjust the landing spot to play that golf ball. No big surprise to me at my present stage of skill and expectation.
Unless I decided to join a super senior league play in the future; just about any brand of golf ball will do for now. The cost of the golf balls in comparison to green fees and golf clubs had come down from the past.