Custom Putter Cost

So the only time I’ve been fit for a putter was 6/7 years ago for an Edel. I’m going to Club Champion for a fitting here in a couple weeks.

My wife keeps asking me, so I’m asking all of you - what should a guy expect to spend on a custom fit putter?

I know the putter and specs play a big part, but those of you who have gone through a putter fitting recently, if you don’t mind me asking, what did you end up spending?

I think a quality fitter would charge something like $80 - $150 on top of the putter cost, but that might vary depending on geographic location.

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I planned on spending between $200-500 on a new putter. Putters have gotten costly.

I think a club champion fitting will give you length, loft and lie… so theoretically you could figure that out and get a cheap putter built to your specifications.

I went thru True Spec last year. Fitting was $150. Order putter directly and it was same cost as retail. I will advise you that if you are doing CC fitting, while it is really good, and I completely understand their model, but they very pricey when ordering clubs through them.

For sure. I’ve had four fittings with CC and it’s definitely expensive, but I’ve had awesome results and I trust my fitter. That’s really big for me. Knowing I’m being fit properly is worth the cost and the wait time to me.

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I guess I was figuring on around $4-500 fitting cost included. I get the appeal of taking results and going elsewhere and trying to mold something to specs, but I like knowing what I’m going to get is exactly what I had success with in the fitting.

It’s really hard to tell what you can expect to spend but $500 is probably a good number. I did a fitting at club champion and I started right under 500. However when I went I told him I didn’t want to know the price of any of the putter I was rolling with because I didn’t want it to influence my decision. Turns out, I picked the least expensive putter without knowing it.

I’ve never once known the cost of anything I’m hitting at CC until they hand me the invoice sheet. Once in a while (my driver) I have a minor heart attack. Once in a while I’m pleasantly surprised. Usually it’s right where I expected.


Haha… what shaft did you end up in?

I agree. A putter will set you back around $500 there.


HZRDUS Smoke Green Hulk. It’s a beast. I love it.

Hahaha… yeah, that’s a big number.

My last time toying with drivers, the ventus blue seemed to be my best match… which makes me happy…

On the putter front, I don’t think you’ll get past $500 on a custom fit oem putter… maybe if you go pxg?

I’m a hard pass on anything PXG. Parsons may make OK equipment, but I don’t think anything he does is good for the game.

BIG TIME EDIT: Aside from giving military discounts. I am 1000000% for that.

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Ha, that seems like a different conversation for a different time!

Enjoy the fitting! Hopefully they fit you in a Cleveland putter!

My guess is you end up around $250 putter cost.

I went in june to them and i ended up with a Bettinardi and i love it. It just clicked with me when i used it there. I think it was around 400, i would have to check. But i am definitely glad i did it.

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I played a Bettinardi three putter ago. I miss the feel of it. It’s been my office putter for a few years. I wouldn’t hate being fit into another one.


Oh my God. It’s. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

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@Sub70_Jay just saw the GolfSpy review on your putters. Love the #7 style. Any thoughts of a spider style mallet down the road?..and of course something for lefties? :slight_smile:

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I said this elsewhere but my custom fit and built seemore was $500 including the $150 fitting and a training mat…

Well worth the cost. I think I could have spent $100 less and gotten a cheaper putter with the same build quality, just not milled.