Course Width on the Fly

Has anyone figured out how to determine the width of a hole on the fly? Is there an app that allows you to do it real time?

For example, in the Grint app, in course explore mode, you can grab the tee box and move it to one of the boundaries after you figure out the shot distance. I don’t think that will work on play more since it’ll look for your gps.

Photos below to show what I mean in course review mode…

Also, based off my knowledge of @ScottFawcettDECADE and my driver dispersion, this is a send it situation, I think.


Google Earth app

Can also use it on desktop to scout courses before you play them.


By the way, if you’re curious about how you can ever make a ~450 yard Par 5 have any sort of defense, that’s the landing width for a downhill tee shot you have to carry at least 200 yards and anything not in the fairway is unplayable red staked hazard.

You can hold out fingers at arm length as well

Google earth before round is best

17 minutes into this video I show you how to do it and what to do with the information.


What’s the standard there? Roughly 10 yards width per finger more or less?

That doesn’t look like a very fun golf hole… Outside of the normal fact that golf is fun. :joy:

Depends on carry distance. @Adamyounggolf goes through it all in accuracy plan

I would take a fairway that is 60yd wide at your carry distance and measure it and see how many fingers

Tough thing would be fairways that pinch. Google earth is the way to go if you have the time

That really isnt “on the go” though

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