Clicking on links in posts

I am not 100% sure if this is site driven or browser driven but I like the idea of having a new tab pop up when clicking on links within the forum. It keeps you from losing your place . Yes you can hit the back button but sometimes I like to keep both tabs open for later viewing. Just a thought from an IT graduate haha.


I’ve thought about the same thing, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem like an “open in a new tab” option is built into the insert link function. I tend to just right-click everything in Chrome and open in new tabs that way.

On my phone I hold my finger down on the link and chrome gives me an option to open in a new tab.


I did not know that lol!


You can change the settings so it will always open a new tab when you click a link. The below image is from my phone, not sure if it’s any different on the desktop


Thanks for the help! This software is great but there’s a lot of functionality I’m still learning myself

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