Check Point Swing Laser

Has anyone used this product? Has excellent reviews!

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I’ve not tried it, but can’t you do the same thing with a flashlight? Check the line for your takeaway and downswing? Hold the light at first down at the ground, to check takeaway, then reverse it on another swing to see that the dot is doing whatever it’s supposed to be doing near the top of the swing.

I vaguely remember Golf Magazine in an article mentioning a flashlight (along with a pool noodle, towel, empty sleeve of balls box, compact disc, surveyor’s chalk line, and other stuff, as improvised practice aids.)

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I made a similar aid using a wooden dowel, a grip and two cat laser ‘teasers’. These are the bullet-shaped lasers available in most pet stores. I cut the butt off a grip and installed on the dowel. Then drilled a hole on each end of the dowel to accept the lasers, just deep enough so that when the laser is pushed all the way in, the button is pressed. Total cost~$10.
I put down a couple alignment rods. During takeaway the bottom laser should track, then at wrist set the top laser should track. Gives some indication if takeaway is in-to-out, etc. Additionally, if you set up perpendicular to a wall, you can see where the club is at the top.
Generally I drag it out for a few sessions pre-season and then every once in a while as spot-check.

Hope this helps!

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I haven’t tried that one, but I do have a cheap laser pointer that attaches to the grip. I’ve used it in the winter and I find it useful as a training aid for slow motion practice swings.


I keep meaning to do something like that with my putter, to make sure I’m keeping the face square-to-square. Never thought of looking in the pet toy section. Thanks for the tip.