Callaway's 2023 Paradym drivers

This is a first for forged carbon fiber casing for any golf driver.
I am watching it with anticipation. I won’t be the first one to purchase it because back in 2002 when the Callaway C4 came out which I was the first among our friends to own and played one.
The C4 had the right concept except the material at the time could not withstand the punishment of high impact. I returned mine after a few weeks because small chips starting to appear on the face. No sandy range balls just normal use.
With 2 decades of time in between the C4 and the Paradym, with better material, better manufacturing process, had made it possible for not only using the carbon fiber but there is a huge difference between a solid block and the casing alone.
I’m not familiar with the “carbon forging” process. Imagine it’ll involve pounding the carbon fiber into shape while still in its malleable state. Would this forged casing from carbon fiber stand up to the impact better than laminating several different material like most the new drivers are employing now?
I am fascinated with this concept being put to practice. Eagerly awaiting for the general review, especially on the durability side of experience.
It’ll needs 12-18 months to get some real feedback after it is released for retail on the 13th of January, 2023.
I always had reservation for changing the driver from my decade old one. Because of the high price tag and the reported high percentage of breakage owing to the delamination.
If Callaway’s 2023 Paradym drivers will pass the test of reasonable quality; the initial price tag of $499 is within reason if, the driver will last for awhile and still be in one piece to retain some retail/trade-in value.
I would love to see feedback from someone who will give their personal experience with this driver.


I’ll be happy to demo one, if I get the chance, though I have great doubt that anything will pry me out of this 425 Max.

Hopefully, Callaway’s addressed some of the durability issues TM was seeing with Stealth.

TM already has the Stealth 2 out in the line up.
Durability issue is probably unavoidable with the light weight construction plus keeping the price point reasonable, more expensive material will be out of the formula.
I like to hear from someone gaming the Paradym for at least 50 rounds plus driving range. If anyone has a higher swing speed ( 100MPH+) would be a bonus.
For $500 +, one would like to be able to get some playing time out of the expenditure. Good thing is, Callaway offers 2 years warranty.
With the consideration of reserve for the estimated warranty replacement built into the retail price; and still keeps the introductory price point at under $500; either the forged carbon frame is way less in cost than the other ( titanium and graphite ) or the CAD showed much higher resilience in the design.
I had not replaced my driver for about a decade now, actually bought a backup driver and built some extra shafts for both heads.

I got fit for the TD version in driver and 3w. So far, it has been excellent performance from both clubs. Both of mine still look brand new after a quite a lot of play. Normal face wear that I would see on the 3w (shots off the ground) but the driver still looks like a new club. I am by no means a bomber at 105 driver speed, but they are holding up nicely.

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Thanks, keep the feedback updated in the future. Over the triple digit in swing speed is a good test for the new driver.

Fwiw I’ve been playing the X version for several weeks and can definitively say it has helped me get off the tee better and helped improve my fairway %tge and dispersion. I’m not a bomber but on average my drives are getting out there further vs the PXG I’d been using.

The face is milled titanium alloy so it seems to me like it will be plenty durable over time; most of the body of the head is the forged carbon for strength + lightweight.

So yeah so far I’m happy with it!


Very nice. It’s all about helping our game and gives us the confidence.

Enjoy it in good health. It should last at least for 3-5 years for us who will not swing over 110 MPH with the driver. I have to check mine sometime, a few years ago it was down to 103-104.

Since I did not get into the tester’s circle to get new equipment for testing, and already have too many of the golf clubs over the years, I’d stick with technology that is 10-20 years old.

Changed the shafts in a couple of drivers and fairway woods. Thinking of re-shafting the Ping Eye 2+, but a set of new shafts are out of my budget for now.

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Thank you! Yes it “should” but … for someone else, probably … you’re not aware how often I buy, sell, trade clubs :smile::smile:

LOL, okay, in this case, you don’t need to worry about the durability issue.

New drivers’ epoxy to hold the parts together will most likely starting to break down within 5 years.

We’re still attracted to the suggested instant fix for our golf game. Which is why we keep searching for a quick solution for a better game.

The professional will have sponsorship/endorsement for their free equipment. Amateurs will have to fund their own golf equipment.
We have a show and tell golfer in our group who will get the latest golf clubs in his bag every season. after years of this practice, he is still hoovering around a 15 index. But, that is what makes him happy and why not if he could afford this.