Bridgestone Golf Balls

Looking for input here on the Tour B Xs vs Tour B RXs. I’ve been playing Snell for the last several years. I’m using the MTB-X this year. Today during an emergency 9 I played my buddy’s Tour B Xs after my Snell went missing. I definitely liked the feel better. Performance-wise, it seemed longer, and definitely spinnier on wedge shots, which I also liked.

My swing speed is not over 105. I’m probably 101-103 on average. Has anyone noticed a big difference between the over 105 mph Bridgestone balls and the under 105 mph Bridgestone balls? If so what is the difference? Maybe I’m close enough to the line it doesn’t matter?

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Ha, I just went the other direction from the B X back to the MTB-X but mostly for cost reasons…

Bridgestone makes a good ball, and the swing speed stuff feels like it’s more marketing than anything else… if you liked the feel off the driver, I’d say go for it…

I can’t imagine there is that much difference… but you are an engineer and are going to test it anyways, so buy some of both and let us know!

For me, a high speed, high spin player, the X was great… I’ve played stuff with more check around the greens, but it was worth the compromise for me…

My guess is that will be the major difference between the RXS and the XS, with the R having more check around the greens (and more spin off the driver)

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Yeah, I know there’s a reason I’ve been playing MTB-X. I was just surprised how well it reacted to full wedge shots.

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I hear you… I’m just not good enough with my wedges to care if it hops forward or spins back.

I’m going to do some experimenting now that most of my competing is done. I’ve never had success with ProV1. But may try Chrome Soft as well. Not sure what else I should try?


My golf spy should have their ball test out soon, I’d maybe wait for that?

Im not up to date on all the ball manufacturers and options anymore… srixon might be worth a look?

Everyone but titleist tends to have deals at the beginning and end of the season… I bought 3 dozen Bridgestone for 120ish? Not super cheap, but better than $150!

I’m still waiting on the 4 piece kirklands… I’d suggest trying the 3 piece version, they have tons of spin!

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Srixon zv?

What else have you tried in the past?
I like titleist tour speed as well.


I’ve never tried TaylorMade. I’ve played Srixon in the past.


Ball test should be out tomorrow… might identify the stuff you should look at…

I really wish ball companies would actually put what the ball was designed to do, but that’s obviously never going to happen…

Feel: soft vs softer
Spin: high vs higher

That’s freaking pointless…

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The Bridgestone Tour B XS was pretty good today. It’s really good with the wedges.


I have been playing the Tour B X at time this year. I like it and it seems to go a bit farther off the tee for me and I’m more of a sub 100 guy on average. I haven’t really tried the other Tour B balls yet except 1 round with the Tour B XS a buddy gave me. That one was definitely softer/better around the greens, but seemed a bit shorter off the tee for me. I would probably shoot the same score with either.