Book report: your short game solution

I’ve recently converted to the sieckmann method for wedge play… I think his book is a great addition for anyone, and can really help your short game.

I’m still learning the techniques, and have only done the finesse side… but I believe it has improved my short game, and I was already pretty good around the greens…

What I really like about it is if you follow the process, you eliminate blades and chunks… the worst shots you hit aren’t terrible.

Interestingly, it’s made me chip with my 50 degree more because it launches the ball so high and with a decent amount of spin… my 54 and 58 tend to drop and stop, which is perfect!

Is anyone else using this method? Any tips or tricks to share?

If you have any questions about the book, I’ll be happy to try to answer them.

Its been a great addition to my golf library and I highly recommend it!


I’ve been interested to hear more about Sieckmann’s methods. Any idea how close it is to Stan Utley?

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Just googled his technique… it’s definitely similar…

Sieckmann basically says tight stance, weight forward and lead the swing with your hands… basically throw the bounce into the ball. Utley seems similar but possibly more focused on the body driving the swing vs the club and hands pulling the body through the swing like sieckmann suggests.

Basically you open the club face as on the backswing and keep it open through the swing, plus the clubhead being ahead of your hands… you end up with a ton of dynamic loft, which I think is different than most teaching.


Thanks for posting this - it’s been a few years since I read the book, but I think it’s a great read for anyone who is struggling with wedges.

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Thanks for the synopsis. I sort of just started with the Utley method, even though it really just validated my “wristy” feel I have when I’m hitting my best is just fine. I think I’ll add this to my winter reading list.

Do have the book but uhhhh ummm … have yet to dig into it… Did come highly recommended from an instructor in a short game clinic I’d attended about two years ago. So I guess it’s time!

But glad the methods are working for you :+1:

I also believe having a solid short game is really foundational to the whole game.

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Assuming this is the correct book:


Yes. That’s it. Highly recommended.

Chipping has always been a strength, but I think this is going to take me to a new level… both by eliminating big misses and allowing me to use more clubs around the green… oven successfully hit chips with my pitching wedge that flew like a sand wedge shot… it just really helps deliver the wedge with an open face, which tends to promote spin and launch.

I still need to master the concept, but I’ve really enjoyed learning the technique. Not sure it’s for everyone.

I’m really looking forward to implementing the 100 yard technique, which is more of a weak spot for me, but I can’t do rotational work right now.

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I have read both and find Stan Utley easier to apply.

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Interesting! I do think sieckmann is very technical, but I think the upside is it improves your miss…

I might have to check out utley, but I’m happy with the new method.

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I just finished this book last week or so. I am struggling with distance control with the finesse wedge which is to be expected for something new. I like how soft my shots feel when they land on the green and I can see why it’s a better way to chip. I’m naturally left-handed and play right handed so it’s been a bit harder for me not to be left arm dominate which has always been my go to chipping style. Conversely, my bunker play is night and day better, despite the lack of confidence and feel.

If nothing else, I love the section on the distance wedges and that has been super useful of quieting down the hips which has greatly helped my wedge play. My distances are reduced by about 10yds, which is fine, but I feel like I’m a lot more consistent on distance and direction.

Now I need to read up on this Utley – just the one video I saw on youtube makes me think he’s much more in line with my own predilections.


Haha, the great part about golf advice is you can always find new books to read!

Utley looks pretty good, though…

I do think it’s important to find a technique you like that is replicable and stick with it… I’ve seen way too many bad chippers on the practice range recently.

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This is the key for the short game IMO. What technique makes your comfortable enough over the ball that you know you’re going to land the ball on the green most of the time? It doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. Just don’t throw away shots with your wedges, then you can worry about getting it a little closer to the hole.


I will say, I had a solid and fairly consistent short game (outside of putting)… I’m not sure the sieckmann method is going to improve my good shots, but I’m hoping it will help eliminate bad shots…

If I wasn’t injured and looking for side projects on the practice range, I probably wouldn’t switch… we will see if it helps, but I didn’t track my stats well enough and hopefully my improved putting will be more of a difference…

I’m also hoping to see some improvement on the power wedge side, but haven’t tried it yet.

Just got back from the course (just practicing and fooling around)… I’m 100% sold of Sieckmann for the finesse chip shots (need to re-read the pitch shots, and get my swing back together).

The basic move is to put all your weight on your lead foot and rotate your arms / shoulders around your body… I’ve found when I do it correctly, I can’t “get cute” with my swing and as long as I don’t decelerate, I hit a shot that is on my target line… I’m REALLY happy with where my chipping is, especially as I haven’t hit a ball in 3 months.


So fun fact about this, the sieckmann short game stuff never directly made it to the course… I don’t love the feel of the open faced chip around the green…

Practicing it definitely helped my wedge control and showed me how different parts of the swing impact the results, but I only really use it when I need a flop shot.


Was distance too hard to control with his method? Especially since you mentioned the short game ( sans putting) was one of your strengths before trying his method?

I’ve not read the book. Is his method similar in feel to treating the arm triangle as a pendulum, and swinging the arms straight back and through? Vs turning the shoulders back and through?


I’m talking about around the green stuff for this, mostly,… it’s just more of an open “throw” into the ball…

I’ve been struggling with the 40-100 yard shots so maybe I should revisit his book!

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Just preordered Lost Art of Golf Short Game. Due out early October. The putting book has really helped me this year and the approach the two authors apply to the whole game resonates with me. In other words it’s more mental / mindset than technical.


Ooh. Excellent. I have putting book. I cant remember if one other, but definitely have at least three copies of putting book.

Thanks for letting me know!