Blast Motion Swing Analyser

Anyone use this and have a view on it? Starting to build my Xmas/Birthday lists!!!

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I couldn’t get it to reliably capture my driver swing. Their tech support said I had to hold the club still for at least 2 seconds. I tried that but it was still unreliable. In any case, since my swing is dynamic and in motion, especially at address that ‘fix’ altered my approach to golf.
I like the idea and tried several previous such tools before giving up and just getting a launch monitor. Sure the Garmin doesn’t give me the graphical feedback that Blast promises or that you can get with a $10,000 unit, but it does provide the data I need to improve my game.
It works just fine with my putter but I stopped using it when I went to an oversized grip that wouldn’t accept the sleeve. Now I just put down a metal yardstick- old David Leadbetter drill.


I’ve only used it for putting. It works really well to give you relative open/closed face, tempo, length of swing etc. Having said all that I don’t think it really helped my putting that much.


Yes, and yes - love it! Buuuut… have only used it for putting, not with full swing practice.

For putting, though, I’ve found it to be an extremely helpful training aid - plenty of meaningful stats, which can be tracked over time, customizable screen and goals, in-app vid tips, etc etc.

Easy to setup and use. Has definitely helped me improve my putting stroke.

What is the yardstick drill?
Is there a YouTube or other video of it?

I do use the blast motion quite a bit but also just for putting. Works great for detecting face angle which is important to get consistent


There are lots of You Tube videos showing this.
This one has an ad at the end:
But you don’t really need a video - Just get a metal yard stick. Place your ball in the little hole at one end and putt down the yardstick, keeping the ball on the yardstick for the entire 3 feet. When you can do this consistently, your putter is striking the ball square to the target and you’ll be more consistent. You can do this on any flat surface where you have the room, even works on hard surface floors since the ball is rolling on the metal yardstick.
Hope that helps


Thank you!, I’ll have to try it.

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