Be still my heart!

Late last summer, my daughter took an interest in golf. She’s a pretty good athlete and with a little direction from me, she did pretty well right away. Was regularly breaking 50 for 9 holes after only playing a couple times. So this was the summer after her senior year of high school, and now she’s been off to college since last fall.

So today I was doing some sweeping and dusting in her room since she’s coming home for spring break next week, and I found that she kept all the scorecards from when we played last summer. :heart::heart: This is right up there with the best Dad moments of my life.


Congratulation to you that you had found time to share with your daughter; and obviously that she treasured the time you spent together by saving those score cards. She will remember those times forever.
Whether we realized or not, the time spent on the golf courses between parents and children is magical.
After my father passed on, we’d found many score cards he saved from golf rounds with his children. He was a golfer with miles, probably played tenth of thousands of rounds of golf in his life time but he only saved those score cards. He was remembered especially when we golf, those summertime twilight rounds.


I still have a trophy of my grandfather’s from when he won his flight at his club championship. Brings back good memories every time I see it.


Yeah, Golf is not just hitting the little sphere, find it then hit it again. Not just a walk in the nature, more than the numbers on a piece of scorecard.
Golf is to enjoy the time with your company, reflection of life and temporary sanctuary from the daily grind.
I feel sorry for those treating golf as video game. It is not just hop on the golf cart, sped to the golf ball, hop off, hit the golf ball then hop back on the golf cart… boring.
Sorry to say, kids grew up with too much time playing video games or watching the television will lose their imagination.
Imagination is a huge part of golf.

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My son did not like it. Wasn’t his cup of tea. I don’t understand it, but that’s because I’m passionate about the sport. My son plays music as a hobby… he plays 5 instruments, that’s his thing. My grandson however, cannot wait until spring/summer when I can take him out to the practice facility… he seems to love it. He just turned 7! Now that’s exciting for me!


Enjoy the time you share with your grandson. These time will not come back once it’s gone, gone forever.
Not to give up on your son either for golf. Maybe it is not time yet. I remembered when I was not so understanding of my father glued to the television for the U.S. Open watching Arnold Palmer in the hunt. He was excited and we were bored. Gone for almost a whole day for golf during one of the weekend days was also not understood by his children. Later on when my father was semi-retired, he squeezed in some P.M. golf with his colleagues to free up the weekend for the family. We had no idea why a person could be so attached to this seemingly boring game.
We were exposed to this game when we were young but no one really was into this game like our father. We were doing other sports.
Not until I was passing my 30’s when my then boss encouraged everyone in the office to learn to play golf because most of our clients were golfers. So I picked up the game and never looked back. That was when I spend all the spare time either practicing or on the golf course. That was before I have my own family, of course. Then everything golf slowed down to focus on kids and giving them all the help we could.
Now with our youngest one soon to get out of the graduate schools. Maybe my wife and I could return to this game to spend more time on the links.
So, your son could very well be re-discovering this game in the future. If your son is participating in any kind of sports at all, he will be hooked if he has the time and the financial means to keep him in this wonderful game.

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