At home indoor face strike practice

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if any of you have any good ideas for indoor, at home face strike drills/feedback. I’ve got a newborn so you can imagine that range time has diminished.

I like to get 20 or so swings in my room before going to bed so there’s no net available. I can’t even really be hitting guitar plectrums or anything like that. I’ve got foot spray for feedback, just wondering if anybody has anything they use to strike so they can get added value to their practice swings?

Thanks in advance

I’ll give you 3 very easy drills to work on your swing and none involve hitting a ball, but all 3 improved my swing immensely. I noticed a huge difference when i hit the range. One I got from this site and it is an old Harvey Pennick drill.

  1. take your club, standard grip and stance. Complete your swing 20 times in complete slow motion without falling off balance (as slow as you can), making sure your head stays behind where impact will occur.
  2. Take a long iron, find a door jam, Take your grip, place the clubface against the door jam and push your grip past your clubface simulating impact, make sure you see the shaft bend a bit and your grip better not slip…if it does…your grip needs adjustment… do this 20 times
  3. this does not involve a club…take your hands and cross them across your shoulders, find a wall, put your head against the wall, then turn your shoulders back and thru without touching the wall and your head moving. Do this 25 times every night! Shoulder drill 10:10 mark I use a stick

This works magic…100%… If you get your mechanics correct, you won’t ever have to worry about striking the ball. You will 100% mis-strike a ball because if you move 1/2 inch… how do you know you are moving…your head will move off that wall! This entire workout takes about 15-20 minutes


Love these ideas. I’m definitely finding as I make these swing changes that my head is probably shifting a little too much.

Thanks for the ideas.

On the impact feedback, I’m thinking of finding some very very soft foam and hitting that. Hopefully it’ll still leave a mark on the club face and my partner doesn’t have to worry about me putting holes in the door or plaster

#2. This quick vid I made is what I’m talking about simulating impact just use your regular grip on your club, center a ball on the club face and press until you feel your shaft bend. Your grip shouldn’t slip and you won’t put holes in the plaster. You are creating “the feels”. Impact press

This is the same method I told them to find the right grip position for them- at impact with a little pressure applied. Similar to what Tommy Amour taught by hitting a used tire laying on the ground. That method of hitting a rubber tire will injury your hands arms and shoulders and even your spinal core if not done properly.

I would add doing some stretching and light weight training ( emphasize on repetitive motion instead of mas) a simple 5 lb. barbell or a weighted gym ball can do, without making noise.
If you strengthen your (1) hands (2) core (3) legs, you’ll reap the benefit in a few weeks.