At Home Ball Testing

I just got my Skytrak about a week ago, but I’m already finding it incredibly useful beyond just getting swings in during the workday.

One of my biggest equipment questions coming into this year was which ball I wanted to play. It’s so hard to test balls on the course because you need time and space to do so and not many courses are going to block off spots for you to do so.

Last year I played the Snell MTB-X the second half of the year and I really liked the performance of the ball, but I find I have less spin close to the green with them than I do with the ProV1, which I’d been playing for the better part of 20 years. I’ve stuck with the Snells so far this year and my scoring has been as good as it’s ever been. Not once have I found I’m missing anything with my golf ball.

I still wanted to do some testing, though, because even though the Snells are performing well I want to make sure I’m playing the absolute best ball for my game.

Yesterday I started head to head testing the Snell MTB-X versus ProV1 with my driver and the numbers really matched what I’ve experienced on the course with these balls. I hit 20 balls each starting with the ProV1. Now, I should preface this with this was at the end of a practice session, so I’d already hit about 60 balls with my irons. I didn’t find this affected much of anything. My cruising speed with my driver was about 3-4mph slower than when I’m fresh, but still fast enough to yield valid results. I messed up and didn’t export my results so I don’t have my screen shots. I won’t forget in the future - but below are the meaningful results. I removed the five best and five worst swings from each.

ProV1 (avg of 10 shots)
Clubhead Speed: 111
Ball Speed: 165
Launch: 13.6
Backspin: 2389 RPM
Side spin: -257 RPM
Offline: -23 Yds
Carry: 267
Total: 293

Snell MTB-X
Clubhead Speed: 110
Ball Speed: 165
Launch: 12.9
Backspin: 2178 RPM
Side spin: -118 RPM
Offline: -14 Yds
Carry: 273
Total: 302

As I mentioned before, this really mirrors what I see on the course. The Snells are longer and straighter, for me, than the ProV1 with the driver - and not by an amount that can be ignored. The Snells put me almost a full club closer to the hole and in better position off the tee.

Next up I’ll test low-mid irons to see if I’m missing anything there. Biggest things I’m looking at there will be spin, offline, and angle of descent. I’m not overly concerned with distance - more accuracy and green interaction.

Anybody have any balls they’d like to see tested head to head? Was this too long? Was this helpful at all? Let me know.


I’m a numbers guy, I love all of the information. I have never played Snell balls, I may have to give them a try.

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I like the Snell MTB-X a lot. I have been using the Maxfli Tour X as I was able to get 2 dozen for about $40. Also have some ProV1X left from tournaments last year.

When I was trying different balls I think the Bridgestone Tour B X was my fave although most any of the premium X balls seem to work well for me.

There always seems to be that trade-off of this ball is a bit longer off the tee, but then not quite as easy to check up on the greens. I got a couple of free sleeves of the new TP5X and it seems much better around the greens than the previous model, but also a bit shorter off the driver for me.


Yep. The goal is to find the one that fits your game the best. In my case, the added distance and accuracy off the tee allows me to not have to worry as much about what I’m hitting into the green. The MTB-X spins and holds well enough for me from 60 yards out to 220+ that I’m not losing anything from my game. The difference around the greens has taken a little getting used to as I’ve had to allow for a little more release than I’m used to, but it hasn’t been an issue. I actually really prefer the feel of putting the MTB-X over the ProV1, too.


I bought three dozen Bridgestone B X and miss the snells… might have to go back to them.


This is really good stuff, Bigdad. Thanks for sharing.

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I just love the Snell MTB, because the MTB Black golf balls feature a low compression core for longer distances and a more controlled spin. I loved that the MTB Black balls have been upgraded in so many ways, including the refined aerodynamics that increases your performance, even on the windiest days on the golf course.

Just put in an order for 6 dozen srixon z diamond… on sale and a good ball.

Also bought 4 dozen maxfli for $100


Have a review after you have the chance to put the Z Diamond to use. I’m intrigued by this golf ball. One of my all time favorite was the first few generations of the ProV1X and this model looks similar on design with the pioneering ProV1X. Also a 3 piece ball with thicker cover.
Still have my stockpiled boxes of golf balls to go through but I would not mind getting some fresh inventory if your review is favorable.


I’ve played a dozen… I had settled on the XV last year. Good balance of performance and price.

I’m looking for low spin off the driver and performance around the green… last year I mostly focused on driver distance at the cost of greenside performance.

I really liked the Bridgestone B X for its distance and wind performance. The Srixon XV was also good… a little less distance but way better around the greens.

Tried the diamonds… I think they do everything the XV does but are marginally better across the board (except for driver, but not a huge loss).

I’m all in on them this season. We will see how it goes!


I’ve been playing the latest Maxfli so far this year; bought 4 dozen this past winter. I like the ball a bit better than the previous model although it does seem to scuff a little easier.

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No complaints about the maxfli… just don’t love the feel around the greens.

Yeah I do think ProV, TP5, Chrome and Tour B all feel better overall. I happened to be gifted some TP5 the other day and played 18 and preferred the feel, but scored the same.

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Need some advice. Been playing the TM Tour Response for the past year or so. However the ‘new’ version is described as high launch and they ain’t wrong. For me its a disaster as I am trying to bring launch angel down anyway so am going to need a new ball. The TR was good for me, decent distance and control on the green but I liked the AD333 I used to play.

S…L…O…W swing speeds so ProV V/TP5 etc off the table. AD333 maybe the play, anyone got another option (UK market may be different btw)

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How slow is your swing speed? The best balls I’ve seen in reviews for slow swing speeds aren’t “premium” 3 piece…they include the Wilson 50 Elite, Srixon Soft Feel, and Snell “Get Sum”. All 2 piece balls…low compression (for low swing speeds), and great feel around the greens.

Snell “Get Sum” are out of stock now (and for the last while)…I’m playing the Wilson now, but have played the Srixon Soft Feel as well. Love them both. Wilson’s seem a little more durable to me vs the Srixon, and are slightly less expensive. Both are long and straight and feel great around the green (mind you I play much more bump and run than biting spinny greenside shots).

My swing speed is high 90-100 with the driver, but I really prefer the feel of the lower compression balls and they just seem to go longer and straighter off the tee for me.

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Going by MyGolfSpy’s 2021 testing, and sorting for “slow” swing speeds, ChromeSoft X from Callaway?

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Got some Bridgestone Tour B RXS for Father’s Day and tried them this weekend. Can’t say I really cared for them. I have been playing the Tour B X and really like that ball and I like the Tour B XS as well although that one feels a bit mushy to me.

The RXS is fine off the driver and irons, but I hated it around the greens. It seems “jumpy” and just wants to run out forever compared to the BX. It reminds me of the original Titleist AVX which also seemed like a superball around the greens. My SS fits the RXS ball description, but it’s not the ball for me with our course having healthy rough and fast greens. I alternated a Maxfli Tour X in just to be sure it wasn’t me, but it was the ball as I had no issue with the Maxfli.

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If you’re looking to improve distance , the TaylorMade Distance + might be the golf ball for you.
Everyone has their preference, trying the new golf ball out will be the only way to find out.
For slower swing speed, in general, a golf ball with hard cover and soft core is a preferred type of golf ball.

Does using the Skytrak for at home ball testing really work? Is it reliable? I thought the ball speed and spin rates on the Skytrak we’re inaccurate.

Skytrack is accurate. But testing balls with a camera based system or any system indoors is unreliable. Need a radar in order to see full flight.

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