Arccos Link Review

As many of you know, Arccos has been one of the leaders in shot tracking for years. But I was hesitant to post a review on the site because I was against having to keep your phone in your pocket to track shots while you play. With their new Link product, it removes that need.

@CoryO tested the system quite a bit and wrote this in-depth review


I’m continuing to use the system, so please let me know if anyone has any additional questions about it!

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I’ve been using Arccos but not the link for about a year. I love it quite a bit and your review was spot on. Great job!

It’s not perfect at recording every shot but it’s pretty good and easy to edit. My one piece of advice is that i was lazy at manually recording the ball position on the green which wasn’t a big deal before they had the strokes gained analysis. Now that they have it, you are losing a lot of good data if you don’t click on the green and select the distance from the hole.


This is actually my favorite part about the Link. I didn’t really mind keeping my phone in my pocket, but the fact that tapping the Link button on the green automatically sets the pin location has been fantastic. I know that I wouldn’t consistently set the pin location manually otherwise.