Anyone ever use Kid Caddie?

So I came across this company called Kid Caddie on my Instagram discover feed and wanted to see if anyone on here might have had any experience with this awesome looking push cart add-on. My brother and his wife have a 4 year old and I wanted to get them something nice for his birthday. If anyone has any feedback would love to hear!

You want an honest opinion?

Golf course is not a safe place for toddlers. In fact, most if not all golf courses require minimum age of 12, or older to be on the premises. There is a good reason for the rules.
I had seen daddy golfers with a stroller on the golf course during early hours, but that was once in the last 4 decades.

The product has good intention, lacking the practical sense.

Errant golf balls could come from all direction but anyone. I had seen plenty who have got hit with errant golf shots on the golf courses. Mostly from the adjacent fairways.

Agreed on the dangers on a course and there are several. In 1987, I was standing on the 8th Tee waiting to Tee-Off at our club. The course is pretty open, so not alot of trees to stop a bad shot. The carts were the ones that looked like this.

Anyways, I heard the yell “FORE!” from the 4th Tee, the cart was coming down the path on #7, the ball was that low, screaming slice… the ball hit the passenger in the center of the chest, he fell out of the cart in such a fashion when he hit the ground he snapped his neck and was killed instantly. So, no, I would not bring, that small of child to the course if I had to put them in a stroller. I am bringing my 7 year old grandson to the course, he has his own bag and balls and shoes etc… We are seeing if he likes the game, but I’m pretty much with him stride for stride.

I recently was looking into purchasing one of these kid Caddies for our stroller. All of the courses near me allow kids. Has anyone actually used this on their stroller?

Sounds like the people that cant control there balls should stick to minigolf otherwise they will have to require helmets to play golf in your area.

I bought one and the kids loved it. Yes, some courses don’t allow kids but the ones near me do. The cups holders were great along with the phone holder. It was awesome.