Any drills to encourage shoulder turn on backswing?

My round started out good yesterday, but then as I got tired I started pulling my shot. After reflecting at end of the round, I think I stopped rotating my shoulders on backswing, so would end up out of sync, and pulling it. Any drills I can do at home to help encourage a proper shoulder turn?


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First and foremost, I’m not an instructor … and I’d suggest being careful about taking swing tips online from people who have not seen your swing…

So… my suggestion is you’re best served by seeing a teaching pro in person.

All that said… fyi here’s a graphic from GolfTec highlighting the turn - tilt - rotation of the shoulders and hips …

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Oh forgot to mention - my specific problem with pulling it left was caused by an over-rotation of the wrists at impact.

Again - this was me and was diagnosed by my instructor.

Repeating @cksurfdude’s advice that this is really something for your instructor to show you (and if you don’t have one, why not?).

That said… a drill I’ve been shown is the following: Address the ball with a 7 iron.
Bend your elbows and wrists to elevate the shaft 180 degrees-ish so that the shaft is resting on your collar between your head and your right shoulder.
Turn your shoulders to your desired amount. For me, it’s about 90 degrees so my back is to the target.
Extend your arms. This should be about as far your backswing should go.
From that position, unwind and strike the ball.

I overswing a lot. Through a lot of work, I’ve just gotten it only to shaft parallel now. Still feels like a 3/4 swing, but feel…yeah. Weird thing is, I’m faster now.


Not an instructor either, but the same issue has plagued me. One drill is to hold a club or stick across your chest and turn/rotate so that the stick ends up pointing at or behind where the ball is or would be.

Lately I have been doing exercises where throw a medicine ball into the ground or into a wall in front of me. You have to turn and use your body to move the weight as swaying with just your arms won’t work. You can use bands in some cases as well as you need the big muscles to do the work.


Kevomac beat me to medicine ball drill. So here’s another.

*Take your [normal golf grip, set the wrist cock with the club parallel to the ground.

  • Move your lower hand down the shaft of the golf club. Halfway back you’ll get to what feels like your maximum turn.

  • Rotate to the top by turning the torso a little bit more. You can only go so far with the amount of hinge you can create, you’ll have to rotate your body to complete the back swing.

To get the club all the way back gripping it this way, you’ve really got to work the upper torso beyond the point which is comfortable, and then turn the shoulders fully. helps both flexibility and the rotation of your shoulders.


This is one of the four exercises specifically called out by Titleist’s Performance Institute for improving “golf strength.” Great for developing explosive power.

The TPT site is filled with exercises and tips, FWIW.


Yes I’ve really come to like their tips. I’ll be 56 this year and I’m trying to keep what little distance I have. On Instagram I like Fit For Golf and Golf.Wod along with a few others.


Your issue largely not in your should turn. Everything starts from the ground up; have you had injury in your knees? Hips? Or any other injury below your waist?
Strengthen your lower body; your shoulder will be more flexible. Think of fixing your feet to the ground and if your knees turn 5 degrees, your hips would be 10 and your shoulders will be 15 degrees. It is also how the torque built up, not from your waist nor your shoulders.
As in most of the other sports.

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Try some of Monte Scheinblume’s (spelling’s off)
videos, like No Turn Cast, at his site, Revolution Golf.

He’s really big on linking arms to body in the swing, and teaches drills with counterintuitive feels that nonetheless get that result.

But i feel that feel about stopping rotation. Only I do it at release, and flip. It’s hard to retrain your body. Even with positive feedback like knocking the $hit out of the ball with an abbreviated, controlled backswing, and continuing to rotate through release.

So it goes. If it was easy, everyone would do it.

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Great suggestion!! Monte also has really helpful short vids on his Insta; his website is

Had the chance to attend one of his clinics last Summer - if anyone gets the chance … almost any level of player; men and women … definitely recommend trying it out!

I get Golf Fanatics video tips and Andrew Rice advocates when hitting driver to pull the right foot back and flare it outwards to make it easier to get a bigger shoulder turn. The rest of video said tee it higher and hit up…

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