Another Rules Question Regarding a Swing Speed Monitor

A few years back I purchased the PRGR from Jon off the site. I use it all the time. Mostly on the tee box. The monitor gives Swing Speed, Ball Speed, Approximate Distance and Carry and Smash Factor. The information is basically an after the swing and strike information. Is using that a breach of Rule 4.3? One player told me it was, another player told me it wasn’t… both these guys are kinda rules guys. I haven’t played any tournament golf lately, and probably wouldn’t use it in a tournament. I’m interested in the thought. I use a phone app for scorecard and handicap tracking and the app also does distance measurements for me. I walk, but the clubs carts are all equipped with the same general app on screen, so I’m pretty sure that’s within the scope of the rules. The interesting thing for me is, how differing my info can be under pressure of a tee box compared to just hitting balls on the range.

If during a sanctioned tournament golf, it should be avoided. If you have any doubt of whether the device will give you unfair advantage over the field, ask the rules official on the tournament board.
I don’t mind if any one using the device during a casual round of golf, as long as the action will not delay the pace of play ( not even for 20 seconds on each tee box ), the etiquette is to ask your playing partners if it is okay for you to use the device during the round with them before you whipped it our and start to put it down on the tee box.
Usually at a private golf club, less crowded than a public daily fee golf course, then I don’t see why not get your numbers.
I’m just going by my eyes and a rough measurement for golf, unless I’ve been test different golf balls on the golf course for ball speed.
I would definitely find a time where no one was on the golf course to test a bunch of different golf balls, and the only reason why I would do this instead of on a driving range will probably be that I could retrieve the golf balls on the hole.
I am one of those who is using the numbers as reference only, not as a bible because my physical condition changes everyday since I am not Iron Byron. Why would I worry about the statistic when the elements used for calculating are changing everyday sometime even during the same round of golf?

Thanks for your insight and opinion. My group has no issue, they love to also use it and it doesn’t slow down play, I get behind my ball every shot anyways. You just put it on the ground and it does what it does and you pick it up. I was playing last week with folks not in my group… no one was complaining, quite the opposite… BUT one gentleman said you know that is in breach of using as an assisting outside agent? I just want to know from an official rules standpoint…if using that is a Breach of 4.3. I’ve gotten 2 differing interpretations so far.

That’s an interesting situation because you’re not using the SS monitor as an alignment aid, but you do have to purposely place it in alignment with your stroke to use it.

I suppose it could be considered a training aid as well if you look at the data and make a swing change? It does seem like the rules don’t completely address this and could be open to interpretation, but I’m definitely not a rules expert.

With my limited knowledge regarding the rules of golf, I’d say the use of the device in bordering the definition of assisting a golfer’s play.
As we know from a different rule, when the golf ball touches any part of a line drawn for O.B. or hazards, it is deemed inside the area of penalty,
I’d take a guess that using the device during a tournament will breach 4.3? Although Dave might have a better insight on this.
Heck, the participants of tournament could not even speak to their friends besides his caddy.

Actually I don’t place it in direct alignment with my ball or intended line… it’s placed behind the ball 3 ft away at a slight angle away from my intended target. It’s pointed at the ball but if I was using it that way I would be aiming dead left! I get the most consistent readings that way. I’m using it to check driving distance mostly

You trust that better than the GPS or laser range finder or the old reliable yardage marker ?
I can’t see that you’ll go through all the trouble just to get the driver distance, but each to his own.
My advise to you is to present the case to the tournament committee board. Local rules might apply. If you use it during the club tournament events.
Otherwise, for recreation, if no one in your group objects the use of it and your group is not holding up the group behind, why not?
We all have our little thing.
The decision from the tournament committee will also help you to save the argument or disagreement from other tournament player should someone protest.

A device that only works after the shot? There’s no outside assistance there. No rules problem.

Hypothetically speaking.
During the fall tournaments, a participant brought a small portable leave blower, to search for golf balls and to clean up the putting surface. Will that be unfair advantage over the rest of the field?

If the swing speed monitor will assist, review, advice then improve a golfer’s game while on the golf course. Would that be an unfair advantage over the rest of field?

I know a conversation between a close friend or coach or family member to encourage the golfer during the competition is deemed as unfair advantage. The caddy is about the only person who could advise, cheerlead and comfort a competing golfer. No one else, and no other device.
Of course, you can bring the a refrigerator if playing a round of recreational golf. without any alcoholic beverages, because someone would like to sell you one for your thurst.

What and why do I use the PRGR only with the driver? I don’t get the opportunity to go to range much anymore, but I do hit into a net at home… at least 15 balls with my driver every day. I don’t really struggle with my irons, my issue with irons is alignment… so the PRGR is of not much help there. My issue like all old people is distance off the tee on par 4s. The longer you are the better… I used to be able to warm up and hit a bucket b4 my rounds, but even that is running tight for time for me. So, I use swing stix before I tee off after I stretch a bit. The PRGR tells me that on the first tee I might be swinging my driver around 88-92mph, By the middle of the round I am up to 92-95, By the last 3 holes I am pretty loose and I’m up to 95-99 mph… But I’m looking at smash factor and ball speed too. I think it’s a great on course tool for me. I never used it in a tournament, but then again, I haven’t played in an association tournament in 2 years because I work on Sundays… So there are the how’s and why’s and so forth’s…

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Have you tried using square to a little open stance? The slightly open stance will allow the senior to go after the golf ball freely. There be no issue of increasing the slice spin if the arms are in position relatively to the front of the torso.
Watched a teaching video by Gary Player who repeated the tip he got from Ben Hogan which is to keep the leading arm close to the front of the chest from the top down.
Open the stance a little and try that.

Dew that makes no sense… I hit my irons fine, I have a tendency, when I don’t take my time, to line up mid and long irons with a right bias. When I take my time, I’m usually pretty on target. Distance wise with my irons, I have maybe lost 5 yards… I hit my 50* 100yd, I hit my 7i 155-160 no issues. I only carry down to a 5i. My struggle is with the Driver…and with the chips and with the putter! (the chips have gotten better this year though) My highest round in the last 4 has been 76. If I was putting anywhere near good, I would have been 68-72’s…

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You are doing better than most of the golfers, at least better than my current state.

My apology by assuming you had the alignment issue with your irons. Hence the suggestion of a slightly open stance at the address position, as most the elite golfers in competition are using now.

Don’t know what to tell you about your driver, except the obvious of the facts that it is the longest club in the bag. correct match of the shaft and the swing weight on the driver will massively improve your timing, improve shot disbursement and distance.

I quoted you on the supposed alignment issue of your irons, sorry that was wrong.

Me, in a nutshell. I have to do a preshot routine to get aligned and stable. Trick is remembering the sequence, and then reminding myself that I’m usually fine on time, don’t stress, and do my brief routine. Besides, lol, it’s just going to take everyone a lot longer if I yeet this approach into the woods because I didn’t do that.

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Apologies if I missed it, Mike, but why’s your driver giving you grief this year? Or perhaps a better question is, ‘How is it screwing you?’

My partner of the last 18 years passed away on our hole #6 3 weeks ago. (helluva way to go right?). Anyways, I was usually the longer guy in my group… I was busting them :rofl: 240-255 off the tee. We had a new man 23 years my junior as a fill-in since May, he is now my permanent partner… He absolutely roasts his Driver, he hit one 347 last week. Distance is king! It took me 2 years to pick up 30 yards…now I want more. If I can get my 240 to 270 and on the planet, I’ll be happy. I know what and how I need to do get there, but for now unless I’m on a hole where it doesn’t matter where it ends up (no penalty areas) I keep it dialed back. Hence, I am monitoring my swing speed with my driver, faster it goes, further it goes. I don’t need 105 or higher, I am at 88-92 for the first 3 or 4 holes, by the time we get to 14 I’m topped out at 95-96… If I can get it it to 99-101…I will achieve what I want. (like I said, I’m also hitting the course without hitting the range this year… only using the speed stix for 10 minutes prior to being on the box.

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Sorry to hear about your partner’s passing. It is a good way to go for a golfer if the process would not take too much time.
When I learned about Bing Crosby’s passing, I was wondering for his age, on a great golf course in Spain, his team just won the match, humming his tune walking up to the club house and just happened.
No one wish to leave, but when the time comes for us, that could not happen better, even if we scripted it.
You know what it takes to get more distance. The equipment can only takes us so far. You’ll need to work on the human side if it is still possible at all.
Sometimes it is not all muscles. Precision, where we could squeeze the last drop out of the aging frame will count more than equipment.
Driver has not improve “15 yards or more” for the last few decades now. What they had been working on was the “forgiveness” side of the game.
I forgot where, but there are some exercise for improving the eye-hand coordination. I believe it will do more good than hitting the gym.