Adam Young's 8 Week Course

Adam Young’s 8 week course is starting pretty soon - I’m debating on joining

If you’ve done the 8 week course in the past…
Did you find the course as valuable as the price?
What did you learn?.. technical, skills, practice, etc.
What aspects did you like and not like?.. teaching style, videos, facebook group, etc.

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I’ve done it. Sort of. Paid the (smaller) money, got the materials. Then work intervened, LOL. Basically insanely busy, too busy to participate. I looked at it as a donation to an instructor whose copious free content I’d previously enjoyed and implemented.

What I remember is a lot of tests on low point control and strike quality. Then drills to improve both of those. I think there would’ve been some weekly video work where your performance got analyzed, you got some drills to fix issues, and then later tests/video to see if the issues got better or worse.

I’ve spent under $300 on dumber stuff. I like his methodology, and given time off, I’d totally do the course again.

I’d recommend it. Glad I didn’t spring for the expensive package, LOL.


I took the 8 week course on my own pace last summer (not with the live course). I was very impressed. Adam Young is very, very innovative. I believe he will be considered one of the great golf teachers of our time.

To answer your question, I got value for the price. A few weeks after I began the course, my play dramatically improved, and I almost won my flight in our club championship. I plan to re-take the course this summer to deepen my knowledge.

Adam’s approach is perfect for analytical types that seek to really understand what is happening in the golf swing. His approach was perfect for me. It may not be for everyone.

Adam breaks down the fundamental skills involved in the golf swing then provides ways to practice and develop these skills. During the process, he teaches you to assess and manage your own swing. For example, if you shank a ball, you know what to do. Hit it thin, then you know what to do., etc.

I highly recommend the course to golfers who want to deepen their knowledge of the golf swing and practice the fundamental skills to improve their game.


I took the first session of the course. Pardon me if some details aren’t 100% accurate.

Each week has

  • a first video on Sunday or Monday with one concept explained, like face angle
  • a simple (as in easy to run and evaluate, not too time consuming, not as in easy to do well) exercise to kind of evaluate the skill related to that concept, with variability, differential, calibration. Usually about 30 shots total
  • on maybe Wednesday a second video, this time on technical knowledge related to the skill. And also explaining more drills
  • the advanced version of the previous exercise as a practice drills, again with variability/differential/calibration, to take it further. It’s basically a ladder and the goal is to reach the top over time. Far from a given

There was 1 hour to an hour and a half of content to watch per week at normal speed. It is probably best enjoyed with at least 2 training sessions in the week (one for the simple drill and one for the advanced).

Very happy with the course. I was considering taking it a second time. It became the base for my training since then. I’m slowly progressing through the ladders.

Main downside to me is probably that you need 8 weeks uninterrupted to be able to benefit fully from the Facebook group and the interactions with Adam. Which I wasn’t able to put together. I had to bail out half way originally. And did it again fully on my own a few months later.

For those who want a lighter version, check out swing like tiger by Peter Arnott and Ian Renshaw