Accounting for Temperature

Spring has hit here and we have had some really nice days. This winter I was playing in mostly 40’s and 50’s, with these few nice days, I’ve noticed my irons flying much farther. Anyone else seeing the same thing? I just wasn’t expecting this until like July.

Turf condition could change the performance of iron play.
Dew and frost could reduce the friction to increase the clubhead speed a little. Turf condition ( type of grass and different hour of the day ) will make the grass stand up a bit more to prop up the golf ball a little ( flyer lie).
Quite a few times we had experienced the increase in carrying distance and total distance playing on the frosted grounds. The club head speed must increased owing to less resistance with the slippery turf.

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This is a great question and one I would love to see a data backed report on. There are so many factors that can change how the ball flies it is almost confusing and hard to know when it is me and when it is conditions on a well struck shot. I know humidity has a small influence that has been very misunderstood and still is, air temperature has a pretty signficant influence but still not totally understood, and the influence wind has can be massive into the wind and super unpredictable downwind (learned this at Bandon from the caddies). Oh, and all this changes based on the aerodynamics of the ball being played. All of this is just “through the air” performance, add to that the launch conditions mentioned by @Dewsweeper and it really becomes complex.

If Charlie Brown were a golfer, this is definitely a subject worthy of a “Good grief”…

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Golf was “Sparky” favorite sports. We used to have a house put up a fresh Charlie Brown yard sign, painted with characters of Charlie Brown and Woodstock on a 2’x2’ board. This was on the walking route for students to a local elementary school. Kids and parents were able to see the messages, and many were looking forward to discover a new message.
The owner was a fan of Charlie Brown and he repaint the yard sign with fresh paint every few weeks to display another new message. Usually during the Spring and the Autumn. Message would be something encouraging and easy for the kids to understand.

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I just read an article from Trackman that said (with the driver) the ball will fly about 2 yards farther for every 10 degrees increase in temperature. For the pitching wedge it was .5 yards. They did not specify club or ball speed, so I’m not sure how that changes things.


If you don’t have the trackman device in front of you, ask whoever sent you the info that how was the trackman set up for the test? Temperature, terrain , humidity, wind, all the preset conditions could be taken into consideration.
The data is only good for reference and a starting point. Trying to measure and define something which changes constantly, the golfer and the elements is not quite as scientific as we give the method credit for.
The collecting method and the data generated from it, is only a way for the generation to explain something the easy way.
So a great starting point from the numbers given to you.
We don’t get the same distance everyday, even from a controlled environment. The humidity, the elevation, the wind…
Even the best of the golfers will take what the warmed up session at the driving range given to them that morning before their assigned tee time.
I agree, the technology will cut down the chase for the chase to golfer’s never ending quest to get better. But take it as it is. Prove it to yourself on the golf course.

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Talk about Bend Oregon.
I have a friend who will be visiting the Bend with his wife for a week.
My family had been there long ago when we took kids for vacation. They enjoyed the museum, horseback riding, bicycle trails and the swimming pools, the variety of the pools in close proximity was attractive.
Noticed lots of private airplane flew in from all over the country at the time we visited.
Not many restaurants were available and the few were not family budget friendly. Kids had great time and lots of fun.

Lots of restaurants now. Nothing in Bend is budget friendly :slight_smile:

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My wife reminded me that we were at Sunriver Bend. Rented a condo/townhouse type off a resort. That’s why we could use all the pools and the facilities offered by the resort. Visited Costco nearby several times. The Southern style construction of the layout of the building with kitchen on the top floor and bedrooms on the main floor, needed some getting used to.

Sunriver is small, but very nice. Good golf courses too.

We stayed in a townhouse style rental, Adjacent to golf courses, both were owned by the resort. I could see and hear the golfers through the kitchen windows. Had encouragement from my wife to golf, but I did not pack my golf clubs for the trip, intentionally. Spent more time with kids in the pool and on horse back.