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@jon quick question for you. Not sure if it’s possible or how hard it would be, but is it possible to have the threads that are most popular be at the top of the list, instead of the newest threads? Just an idea for engagement purposes.

If you check out the menu bar you can sort by most popular posts, but I can try to play around with the settings as the forum grows

Oh I see it under there as “top”. No worries that is good enough. It’s already starting to fill up with a lot of content, just want to see what’s the most relevant or popular. Thanks.

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I’m using an 18° X-utility prototype with a project x lz 6.0 steel shaft. Thing is a monster off the tee but hard to hit from the fairway. What’s a better driving iron (2-iron loft) for hitting fairway and tee shots? What are the top recommendations for the utility irons aswell?

top utillity irons on www.golf-tipsandfacts.com/ Found a good guide for all new players