A Really Important Debate Question!

How do you arrange a Bag! The Endless Debate
I love stuff like this! We actually argue about it on the course especially on days it’s cart path only in the winter. (I walk in the Spring, Summer and Fall. Winter—NOT SO MUCH. Bought a cart cover and a heater, so we stay pretty toasty in inclement and 35* temp with 15 mph winds.) Partner walks over 40 yards from the path…brings wrong weapons! “Need my 7i”… OK, I’ll grab it for ya…Where the hell is it??? :rofl: In my carry bag, I stack the clubs according to the slope of the bag. In my cart bag, I have a separate hole for a putter with a cover in the front of the bag, I keep the 4 “woods” towards the back (A,B,C,G), the 5-9 irons around the front (H,I,M,K) and my 4 wedges in the 4 slots on the middle (E,F,I,J). Just me, makes it easier to account for the clubs… I know if I left a stick by accident…

Putter has head cover, so goes with the woods. It’s too damn big (or more exactly, the club head is) to go with the wedges. When the bag lays down, like in the trunk of my car, the putter would prop the bag up if I kept it with the short irons like I used to when I gamed an Anser.

Agreed that bag organization makes life easier and gives you less to be concerned about.

Keep my sand iron and bullseye putter at the front. Then down the middle my 3i, next line 4 and 5i then 6 and 7i. On the left side my lob wedge then my driver and my pw Then across the bottom my 8 and 9i