4 Common Practice Mistakes

Continuing with the week’s practice theme, I have a new article from the guys over at Golf Blueprint. They’ve got a really interesting practice philosophy and are building a service that gives customized advice to golfers, and they’re going to start contributing to the site.

Here is their first article, enjoy!


Really cool. Excited to read the next 3 parts.

I personally fall victim to the “practice is boring” mentality. I also fail because I belong to a 9 hole course where, if I have an hour for golf, I can usually play at least 6 holes in that time, so I choose that over going to the range.

Looking forward to reading the next 3 parts to see if there is something that can spur me to practice more.


Key phrase at the end of the article… “activate your mind”

Slow motion rehearsals
Close your eyes to get in the feel channel
Obstructions (head cover, water bottle, tee peg, alignment stick)

This is why i like the thought “i am going to make the BEST swing I have”

40 ball range session… complete focus on a very specific technique or result… reflect after each strike

Should take 40 minutes at least and will be mentally taxing… it takes discipline to re-write the software


I’m also a club member and go out there pretty much every morning at dawn. Most of the time I’m “practicing” instead of playing to keep score (dropping balls at certain distances I’m working on, etc.)
Then, for technical swing work, I’m just doing that on my mat at home.


Once again my latest revelation of “YOUR” rears up. How many times was ‘your’ in that article. Self awareness, analytics & adjustment are all your responsibility.


Some good thoughts. My pro, Sean Bolduc (a great teacher), set up a distance wedge range. He had metal targets (you can see something similar at http://sonixgolf.com/index.html) set up about 10 targets from 40 - 100 yards to aim at. Of course, the object was to hit each target in the fewest number of balls. When a ball hit a target it made a definite clang so you know you hit (and so did everyone else). Auditory feedback! Knowing you hit it is an important part of practice. Just shooting at distant markers isn’t the same. Apparently, Zac Johnson, hit all the targets in some unbelievable number. Having an achievable goal (yet difficult) like that was terrific!!! Another thought: range balls are unpredictable but this drill eliminates some of those issues.


My biggest complaint about my home course is the lack of a short range… our driving range has a 20 foot drop at the front, as well as the hitting area having multiple tiers… it’s not ideal for dialing in distance control. Our short range goes about 20 yards back…

We actually have a big area by our tennis courts / pool that could be converted but I can’t imagine the club actually spending the money… I’m hoping I can dial in my wedge game on the simulators!

Having metal targets to hit would be awesome.