Junior golfer carrying vs push cart

Idea is not new, Bobby Jones started with a shortened 5 wood, Seve started with just an old 3 iron, and T.W. started with a shortened 3 wood.

If you give a starter a full set of golf clubs, probably will do more damage than good.
I started golfing with a mixed bag of old clubs but, after I got serious about getting better with the game, it was the 8 iron, and I expand from there. So was when my wife expressed interest in the game, I had started her with a 7 iron. One club to groove the swing. I supposed when the governing body declared 14 clubs is the maximum numbers one could carry in a sanctioned tournament then, all of us thought that we’ll need the maximum allowed in the rules.
If I sit down and think about the golf course which I would play the next day… I’d bet I probably only need 8-10 clubs to go around the layout.

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My vote is for the push cart. I carried from the time I started the game in the 1970s until two years ago. I changed because of an article I saw that mentioned the postural problems a golfer can develop as a result of carrying a bag with as much as 15-20 pounds (I know he’s younger with fewer and junior clubs, but there’s still a decent amount of weight there). I have enjoyed the relative freedom that comes from the use of a push cart and believe that there’s no reason conducive to better golf for carrying.

He doesn’t need a fancy cart. I bought the cheapest I could find off Amazon, and it’s held up well despite heavy use the last two years.

He’ll enjoy the game more. Which probably means he’ll want to play more and longer.


Late to reply here but ABSOLUTELY GET A PUSHCART.

Carrying for a junior will do a LOT of structural damage that will lead to other problems and complications, and possibly even more chance of injury.

So many better and more productive ways to get stronger and more fit vs carrying.

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Either a 15 pound carry bag with a two-strap harness or a push cart. Never a single strap or a pull cart, to avoid uneven stress on the shoulders. Actually a push cart with an umbrella holder is a good idea–don’t forget that the umbrella carries shade around with you–never too soon to avoid skin cancer.