Best solutions to get rid of the yips

That’s a lot of clubs (putters especially). Can I get a one day pass to select whatever I want?

Pretty sure that’s the wall near the indoor putting lab. He also has a full club workshop with more stuff.

Get opposite-handed 7iron & putter. Guaranteed!

I’ll keep preaching. Putt while looking at the hole…that will cure the yips (in my opinion)…no technical thoughts, just feeling the hole. “Instinct Putting” - Eric Alpenfels

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Did this ever get resolved?

I don’t have any great advice outside of focus on tempo and don’t worry about the ball… it should be in the way of your stroke, and not something you are trying to hit.

Another one i like is your trigger is “it is OK to miss”

Unconscious spot putting routine helps a ton imo

Pick a spot… roll it over the spot… it is ok to miss

The yips are the body flinching and anticipating the hit

If you google george gankas putting you can watch him talk about the “ok to miss” trigger

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I was really struggling with my putting a while back and I’m not quite sure I had the yips, but I was probably well on my way. I had found something using Left Hand Low for say 15 ft and in and a regular grip for longer putts (LHL on New England public greens is hard to get the ball to the hole), but that cure didn’t last. The pro told me to pick one grip and then practice pushing the ball to the hole or a target. Initially I found pushing the ball really difficult as I just wanted to pull the putter back and hit the ball, but I kept doing it and it really helped me. It helps take away my urge to hit the ball and to make a smoother stroke. If I don’t use the drill (and some others) regularly though the old tendencies start to come back.

I pray, then practice drills, see a minister or clergy person, pray some more! Then go to the course practice, pray and hope!

If you want to stop the yips, stop yipping
-Dustin Johnson


The Congregation of Hit-n-Hope. Amen, brethren!

I try to have putter head “chase” the ball down the line. I guess it’s somewhat of a push.

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This is up there with Ollie Schneiderjans describing how to hit a stinger.

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Need tips on gow to use claw putting grip effectively.
Anyone make the switch?

I actually caught a tip from Trevino. I have suffered from this ailment a couple times a round. And you never know when the affliction will come up and then you think about it all the time. His tip was after you grip the putter really tighten the grip with the left hand, almost double the pressure of your right hand. So far so good. I haven’t had the left hand/wrist collapse while the right hand just blasts through…

Many years ago when wrist putting with keeping the face square to the line was in fashion(Ala Billy Casper),
I got into the habit of watching the club head during practice strokes. Eventually I started doing it on all putts. I have tried to break this habit but my putting suffered when I did. I am a great lag putter and better than most on the shorter ones. When I know exactly what that putter face is doing during the stroke I can make a smooth correct stroke.